My Food Storage Journey Restarts

My goal: Three Months Worth of Food Storage
First Step: Inventory of what I have
Tools: "Long Term Food Storage Calculator " it is an amazing excel spreadsheet I found on the website below
Open website and download the excel Spreadsheet “Long Term Food Storage Calculator”.  You can change any item that you don’t use for something else.  There is a YouTube tutorial that shows how to use it.

I will work on that this week, once I am done  I will post what my inventory looks like. 
Please feel free to share your advise about food storage with me or join me in the journey.

Family Picture

Last Friday we went to Oakland Temple but I was close for maintenance. We enjoyed the beautiful view of the city from the Temple and took some family shots.

Oakland Temple

What a beautiful Temple we have, here in California. We went this Friday 3th of July, Ramon and I went to the visitors center. He loves to touch the big statue of Jesus Christ, especially the foot marks (I don't know if he is allowed to do it, but it is easier to say sorry that to hold Ramon ;D ).

I'm sure some of you doesn't know what a Temple es and why the Mormons build them. If you go to this link you can learn about it.
(What is a Templo?),11273,1896-1,00.html

(En Español: Que es un Templo?),11273,1896-3,00.html

After the Temple we went camping. Ramon was the one who push us to do it. Todd had been traveling a lot in the last three weeks, so we needed some special time all together.

We went to a beautiful Redwood Forest. All for us. Seems like everyone went to the beach instead.

We love the Redwoods. There are a lot of things to see and to do.

So today after camping we went to the Farmers Market to eat something and later to see the Parade. It was amazing, we saw some dancing horses and heard a great band.

By the way, I finished my quilt!!!!
I feel very Proud
HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

Ramon in bike

Yes, the bike doesn't have training wheels neither pedals. We cut them off.
He says in the video: " I'm the wind"

Bad cases of Poison Ivy

Todd's case is twenty times worst. We are afraid to go to the forest again.

Festival at the U.C. Davis

My sisters, Ramon and I visited our friends Heather, Hannah and Rockwell this weekend at Davis. We did a lot of things. My favorites were to ride our bikes around the university, the festival earth music and my first bowling experience.

A weekend with my brother-in-law

The seven San Francisco Victorian houses


Run across the Golden Gate Bridge

Amy and Cheryl's visit

We had a lot of fun together. I get to know better San Francisco. I love this city.

Ramon's Birthday Party

Thanks for all the help we had in preparing the party and
thanks to all his friends who came.
The kids rode on donkeys. After the piñata, the kids marched a musical parade around the neighborhood.
It was so fun for Ramon that he wants a Birthday Party everyday.

Sergio Burgos visited us

It was a great experience to meet Sergio Burgos finally after all this years hearing Todd talking about him. Sergio is from Uruguay. He has a beautiful wife and three kids. Todd meet him 15 year ago. He was his mission companion in Argentina. They were and are great friends. Todd and him told me some fun and good memories of their mission. We talked about the Gospel, life and projects.To see him was a dream that came truth for Todd. Todd said that to see Sergio after all this years must be the same that when we go to heaven. We will meet and hug again with all our beloved family and friends.

San Francisco pictures

Fun in the Beach

The day was perfect. Ramon is not afraid to the water in the beach anymore.


We went to see the Nutcracker. Ramon was a little scare at the beggining. I don't know if he enjoyed it so much as we did but he was quite and listen to it.
It was beautiful, elegant and sofisticate.
A fair tale.

Our own Nativity

We finished it on time for the Creche at the Church.

Ramon and I learned a lot from doing this together.
After finished it, I didn't know if it was what I wanted but after Todd and some friends compliments I really loved it for simple.

What a Crab!!

The freshest Dungeness Crab we've ever eaten. Ramon and I went in bike to the port and buy some deliciouse fresh crab. The fishmen were very nice with Ramon, Ramon was very excite about been in a boat.

The Conservatory of Flowers

The past Saturday we went with Matty to Golden Gate Park, it was beautiful. I didn't know that we were so close of such a beautiful park full of activities, Ramon and I for sure are going to visit more frecuently. We loved it.

Todd's 34th Birthday

We are so happy that Justin happens to visit us yesterday, for Todd's birthday.
Todd says it was one of the best birthdays he can remember.

"Fati and Ramon made me a photo montage of our latest year together that makes me look like a super-dad (building fires with Ramon, canoeing, etc.) I proudly took it to work to hang in my office. She got some power tools too, but I think she's keeping those for herself. Nowadays you're as likely to hear the whine of a jigsaw as the hum of a sewing machine in the house. That's just Fati with her most recent project. Ramon isn't far behind with his screwdriver. He's a one-tool man.
Justin came strolling in at about 5:30. We walked down to the Miramar restaurant and ordered crab and salmon. Ramon decided "Tio Justin" was tops when Justin shared his soup with him and played "huevo" with him later on the couch (pretending to break an egg on Ramon's head -- I'm in for a lot of Justin imitation going forward). Tio Justin headed off this morning for his flight from Sacramento. We were glad for the visit. " -- Todd

I want to say thanks to Sergio Burgos for calling him yesterday from so far away. We were very happy to hear from you.

The Beach

The beach it is so beautiful. Looks diferent every time.
Ramon is loosing his fear to be close to it.
I LOVE this place.

Visit to the Fire Station

Ramon and I went to visit the Half Moon Bay Fire Station. One of Ramon's best friends Mom just make an appointment with the Fire Departament for a tour, she also speaks spanish. I feel so grateful for the wonderfull mothers and kids at the church. There are a lot of boys around Ramon's age, he LOVE it.

Visit to the Red Woods

It was beautiful. The Redwood were not the big ones but the tallers ones. They are beautiful.
We met the famose Banana slug too.
This forest is just 30 minutes away from home.
We are very grateful to the friends from Church for ride us to this beautiful and peaseful place.

Some pics of the house

I took this pictures just two day ago.
I can't believe we are in november allready.


Ramon was very excited this year about the pumpkin. Todd and him did a great job.
But the pumpkin already has mold. This never happened in NY. I was cold enough to keep the pumpkin for a month.

Flowers from the garden

Ramon costume

I made this with my new sewing Machine. I feel very proud. Ramon loved it.
We went to see a huge pumpkin festival. The parade reminded me of the Carnaval in Lanzarote.
I really love this place.

Our beach

Just two blocks away. I can't still believe it.

House and neighborhood

We are two blocks from the Beach!!!!!
The house is full of light, clean. It's just perfect for us.