Todd's 34th Birthday

We are so happy that Justin happens to visit us yesterday, for Todd's birthday.
Todd says it was one of the best birthdays he can remember.

"Fati and Ramon made me a photo montage of our latest year together that makes me look like a super-dad (building fires with Ramon, canoeing, etc.) I proudly took it to work to hang in my office. She got some power tools too, but I think she's keeping those for herself. Nowadays you're as likely to hear the whine of a jigsaw as the hum of a sewing machine in the house. That's just Fati with her most recent project. Ramon isn't far behind with his screwdriver. He's a one-tool man.
Justin came strolling in at about 5:30. We walked down to the Miramar restaurant and ordered crab and salmon. Ramon decided "Tio Justin" was tops when Justin shared his soup with him and played "huevo" with him later on the couch (pretending to break an egg on Ramon's head -- I'm in for a lot of Justin imitation going forward). Tio Justin headed off this morning for his flight from Sacramento. We were glad for the visit. " -- Todd

I want to say thanks to Sergio Burgos for calling him yesterday from so far away. We were very happy to hear from you.


Toots said...

That sure looks like a great poster for Todd on his birthday! It sounds like the crab dinner was wonderful! We are so happy you love living in San Francisco so much. We would love to come visit sometime. You look so pretty! Ramon is ever so handsome too. :)
Yeah for Todd! Happy 34th Birthday!

Amy W said...

We are glad Todd had such a great birthday! I sent the cd of family pics on Friday. Let me know when you get it! I am also so grateful that you have made so MANY friends already!!! WOW!!! You are magnetic, and gorgeous...the coast looks good on you!