Visit to the Fire Station

Ramon and I went to visit the Half Moon Bay Fire Station. One of Ramon's best friends Mom just make an appointment with the Fire Departament for a tour, she also speaks spanish. I feel so grateful for the wonderfull mothers and kids at the church. There are a lot of boys around Ramon's age, he LOVE it.


Humphreys Fam said...

Those look like really fun outings. Is Ramon in a preschool or are those friends? The Redwoods really are amazing. I would like to see them in person myself one day. Your house looks really great. I'm sure it's nice to have some more space and I really like the deck. When we lived in Cali I just couldn't get over how nice the weather was...even in the middle of winter. It really was a slice of heaven to be able to take James outside every single day.

Fatima Humphreys said...

Those are friends from church. It is really a great group. There are a lot of boy around Ramons age.

We are so excited to see Justin soon.