Sergio Burgos visited us

It was a great experience to meet Sergio Burgos finally after all this years hearing Todd talking about him. Sergio is from Uruguay. He has a beautiful wife and three kids. Todd meet him 15 year ago. He was his mission companion in Argentina. They were and are great friends. Todd and him told me some fun and good memories of their mission. We talked about the Gospel, life and projects.To see him was a dream that came truth for Todd. Todd said that to see Sergio after all this years must be the same that when we go to heaven. We will meet and hug again with all our beloved family and friends.


Abbie said...

That is so neat that he was able to come and visit your family. I wish I could have seen Justin as a missionary and I really enjoy meeting people who knew him as one. San Fran looks beautiful. Glad you were finally able to get into the city. I would love to see it for myself one day.

Toots said...

Hello! hello!
I liked the recent pictures you posted on your blog, Fati. Looks like it was a wonderful time in San Francisco. Ramon is getting so big...I can't belive he'll be 3 next month. Wow.
I didn't know about Sergio being Todd's mission companion. How neat to hear he was able to come visit. I bet Todd loved it. You have such wonderful things to say about the gospel, Fati. Hope all is well with you all.

Penélope said...

Hola Fatima, me alegra que todo os valla bien, con todo eso de la mudanza, las visitas... Tu hijo esta precioso y enorme, como pasa el tiempo.
Yo he privatizado mi blog y necesito tu e_mail para poderte invitar, el mio es
Un saludo para los tres.